Kernel Panic on VPS5 @ 11 AM CDT, October 29th, 2018

We had a kernel panic (operating system crash) on VPS5 that required the server to be rebooted. It's in the process of checking all file systems now as it brings each virtual server back online.  It should be a couple more minutes before all the servers are back up and running. This announcement will be updated once that has happened.Thank you in ... Read More »

29th Oct 2018
Apache / PHP Server Upgrades on Sunday September 23rd at 12 AM CDT

Greetings,We will be implementing the Apache / PHP upgrades in our announcement on our shared servers starting at 10PM on Saturday, September 22nd. We will be convering the servers over to EasyApache 4 which is a packaged based system vs. the current EasyApache 3 system which compiles everything from source. This will make it easier to implement ... Read More »

19th Sept 2018 hardware upgrades on Saturday, September 22nd at 12:30 AM

Greetings,We will now be performing upgrades to our shared server starting at 12:30AM on Saturday, September 22nd at 12:30 AM.  We will be upgrading the processors with double the cores that are also over 30% faster which will help decrease your websites' PHP page load times. Given we will be swapping the drives into a new server ... Read More »

15th Sept 2018
Summer 2018 Service Upgrades

We've been busy with another round of upgrades to our services, so we'd like to detail what they are so that you can take advantage of them! Managed WordPress Hosting We now include FREE WordPress management with our shared (H20GB plan or higher), reseller, or managed server plans. We will help monitor your website for uptime and performance ... Read More »

24th Jul 2018
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